Agricultural Development

Pest control, Sterile Insect Technique

Integrated Pest Management

IPM and Agriculture

Consortium for International Crop Protection (CICP) and IPMnet
Global IPM Facility
FAO Integrated Pest Management
FAO Global Plant and Pest Information System
Radcliffe IPM World Textbook
CABI Bioscience: Biopesticide Research and Development and Quality Control Testing
CGIAR Systemwide Program for IPM
Community IPM in Asia
AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center
ICIPE – The International Centre of Insect Physiology and EcologyIntegrated Pest Management and African Agriculture. World Bank Technical Paper 142
IPM Collaborative Research and Support Program (USAID-Vtech)

IPM and Public Health

Mosquitos – University of California Pest Management Guidelines
Dengue – Tropical Disease Research: WHO Special Programme for Research and Training
Malaria – Tropical Disease Research: WHO Special Programme for Research and Training
World Health Organization Topic Page on Malaria
World Bank Health, Nutrition and Population Page on Malaria

IPM Policy and Evaluation

University of Hannover Institute of Economics in Horticulture: Pesticide Policy Project
Integrated Pest Management: Strategies and Policies for Effective Implementation
. World Bank Environmentally Sustainable Development Studies and Monographs No. 13
Pesticide Policies in Developing Countries: Do they Encourage Excessive Use? World Bank Discussion Paper 238.
Laws Regulating Pesticides. US Environmental Protection Agency


FAO Desert Locust Information Service
Economic and Policy Issues in Desert Locust Management: A Preliminary Analysis FAO Plant Production and Protection Division, Locusts and Other Migratory Pests Group. (No. AGP/DL/S/27, 1998)
Desert Locust Management: A Time for Change, World Bank Discussion Paper 284. 1995.


Pesticides Management

FAO Pesticide Management Unit
FAO International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides
FAO Prevention and Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides
Pesticide Action Network: Pesticide Database
UNEP Chemicals Programme
US Environmental Protection Agency: Regulating Pesticides
WHO International Programme on Chemical Safety

Pesticide Product Information

Cornell University Pesticide Management Education Program: Pesticide Active Ingredients
Pesticide Action Network North America: Pesticide Database
US Environmental Protection Agency Pesticide Product Information System
World Health Organization International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS)
World Health Organization Pesticides Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES)
World Health Organization Health and Safety Guides

Pesticide residue limits

European Union Plant Protection – Pesticide Residues
FAO CODEX Alimentarius Pesticides
COLEACP Pesticides Initiative
Food Quality Protection Act. US Environmental Protection Agency

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Prior Informed Consent (PIC)

UNEP Persistent Organic Pollutants
Joint FAO UNEP Secretariat, Prior Informed Consent
Africa Stockpiles Programme