Consultancy Projects


  • External Evaluation of the Portuguese Bilateral Cooperation in Mozambique 2010 see executive summary
  • Cost Benefit Evaluation for SIT in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Cost Benefit Evaluation for agricultural development project in Croatia
  • Economic and Social Feasibility study for a medfly control programme in Egypt (2006). Study conducted by IC CONSULTANTS LTD, Insecta for the Industrial Modernisation Centre in Egypt.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Pan-African tsetse fly eradication programme” (2003) ESIA conducted for the AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK, AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT. Study conducted in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia and Kenya. More on tsetse fly eradication… The Environmental and Social Management Plan Summary is presented in ANNEX VIII of the project appraisal report. This report can be accessed here
  • Evaluation of Algarve-Med programme, EC Initiative INTERREG II (2002). Project conducted by IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, UK. More…
  • Economic evaluation of co-operative project between Jordan and Israel against fruit flies (2003). Project conducted for the JOINT FAO /INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY DIVISION.
  • Economic evaluation of “Madeira-Med programme” (2001/2002). Project conducted for the JOINT FAO/IAEA DIVISION. Madeira-Med was co-funded by POSEIMA/REGIS II. More on Madeira-Med… The economic analysis for the Madeira-Med project was published by the IAEA and can be accessed in: Larcher-Carvalho, A. & Mumford, J. (2005) Environmental Benefits of Medfly Sterile Insect Technique in Madeira and Their Inclusion in a Cost-benefit Analysis. IAEA-TECDOC-1475, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), Viena, Austria, 38pp. also in:
  • Evaluation of the sustainability of agricultural production systems in the EU (2003/2004). Project conducted for Agronomica consulting. For information about the company see

Project Implementation

  • Seychelles Melon Fly Eradication Programme (2005). Funded by the 8th European Development Fund. Project conducted by IC CONSULTANTS LTD for the Seychelles Ministry of Natural Resources. More…

Project Planning/Needs assessment


  • Non-crop pesticide use in the UK (2007). Study conducted for AGRICULTURE INFORMATION SERVICES as part of the Global non-crop pesticides study. For more information about the study and how to obtain the report see
  • Market sudy for SIT in Portugal (2005, 2007). Study conducted for INTERCONNECT as part of the development of the IAEA Model Business Plan for a Sterile Insect Production Facility. The study is published in

Cleanfruit Project (2006/2007). Project co-financed by the European Commission, DG Research, 6th Framework Programme of RTD. The aim of this project was to lower the barriers to adoption of the Sterile InsectTechnique (SIT) to control Medfly, a major pest of Citrus. Adoption of SIT will improve the quality of European citrus products, and the international competitiveness of the Mediterranean citrus industry. The project was conducted by a consortium of partners in five European countries. Ana Larcher represented the COMITE DE LIAISON DE L’AGRUMICULTURE MEDITERRANEENNE (CLAM) in the consortium. More…