Publications Evaluation Africa

Aid effectiveness in Africa: re-designing evaluation for new approaches to development

Project reference: PTDC/AFR/100488/2008

1. Schiefer, U. (2008). Integrated Evaluation of Change: A different perspective for planning and evaluation in multiple intervention environments. Lisboa: Periploi.

2. Schiefer, U. et al. (2006). Mapa: Manual de Planeamento e Avaliação de Projectos. Cascais: Principia.

3. Larcher-Carvalho, A. & Mumford, J. (2005). Environmental Benefits of Medfly Sterile Insect Technique in Madeira and Their Inclusion in a Cost-benefit Analysis. IAEA-TECDOC-1475. Viena: International Atomic Energy Agency

4. Afonso, M. and Ribeiro, M. (2009, 2ª edição). Guia de Avaliação, IPAD, Lisboa.

alternative link: manuela-afonso-e-mario-ribeiro-guia-de-avaliacao

5. Holvoet, N. (2008). The challenge of monitoring and evaluation under the new aid modalities: experiences from Rwanda. Journal of modern African studies, 46:4, p. 577-602

Holvoet, N. & Rombouts, H (2008). The Denial of Politics in PRSP’s Monitoring and Evaluation Experiences From Rwanda. Institute of Development POlicy and Management, University of Antwerp, Antwerp.


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