I am a researcher and lecturer at the Centre for African Studies, of the ISCTE-IUL University, in Lisbon, Portugal. The focus of my research is on evaluation of international development and external interventions in Africa namely in Guinea-Bissau and on the dynamics of African societies.

I am working on the research project African societies facing global dynamics: Turbulences between external intervention, migration, and food insecurity. The project is financed by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) and conducted at the CEA, and integrates a group of researchers from several institutions and countries with a common interest in social change in African agrarian societies. The project aims at identifying and analysing the impacts of global dynamics on agrarian societies within the subfields of food security and migration.

We also work on evaluation of international aid. Together with a group of researchers we have created an informal research network and developed a website which can be accessed through the following link: Aid Effectiveness in Africa: Re-designing evaluation for new approaches to development. Here you will find more information about our research and resources about evaluation.

I am also involved in the Portuguese Evaluation Society, AvalPortugal, which is another forum to share and discuss information about evaluation. By evaluation we mean evaluation of projects, programmes, policy but also evaluation of organizations and of the public administration. I was elected vice-president of the board in November 2009 and I am the coordinator of the working group on Evaluation of International Development.

In 2008, I have worked in Guinea-Bissau, providing Technical Assistance to a EC project. I was involved in project planning, budgeting, development of monitoring and evaluation plan and preparation of tenders. I was also responsible was the development of a National Plan for Locust Control (Plano Nacional de Luta contra o Gafanhoto Peregrino / Plan National de Lutte contre le Criquet Pelerin). This plan will increase preparedness of Guinea-Bissau to deal with a locust invasion which is a threat to food security in Guinea-Bissau. We organized a meeting to present the plan to the administration and donor community in the 24th of September hotel.


A national musician composed a song for the project. The song served to pass the message to farmers on how to deal with pesticides and locust. It was in Fula and Creole.

Before that, and after finishing my PhD in 2003, I have worked for several years as a consultant in several other countries.

In 2003, I conducted and economic evaluation of a co-operative project between Jordan and Israel against fruit flies.

In 2003, with a team from the African Development Bank, I conducted an environmental and social impact assessment of  tsetse fly control programme in Africa. The study was conducted in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia and Kenya. In the photo you can see some of our consultation meeting with farmers in Mali and Ethiopia.

Farmers consultation

In 2005, I worked in Tanzania, Mozambique and Guinea Conakry, on behalf of UNCTAD, to assess the costs that producers face to comply with International Quality standards. The project report is published in

Agrifood standards workshop Tanzania

After this project, I went back to  Mozambique and Guinea Conakry, by UNCTAD and WTO,  to plan a project that would help producers export to Europe by complying with European quality rules. This photo was taken at the FABIK Ferme Intégrée which belongs to Mme Mbalou Sylla.


This farm was one of the three pilot projects selected for EurepGap (now GlobalGap) certification.


In 2005, I also went to the Seychelles to work on the Seychelles Melon Fly Eradication Programme, funded by the European Development Fund. I have organized two training courses on area-wide pest control. The courses had a practical component with exercises and field practice. In the photo you can see a group from the Melon Fly Eradication  Team calibrating a sprayer.


We also had a song for this project: the Melon Fly Song. You can read the lyrics in creole and english here. The music was composed by Brian Matombre, well known seychellois musician. You can watch him on Youtube

In 2006, I went to Egypt to conduct an economic impact assessment for an agricultural development programme.

You can find more information about the work I did in these and other project in the following link: projects